Aligning the development of people with the corporate culture.

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Our mission

At LYB our mission is to generate a sustainable change in teams and organisations by helping people see their work as a platform for their personal and professional development.


Emotional salary is the non-financial gains we obtain from working that motivate us, change our perception of work and lead to personal and professional development.

We have developed the Emotional Salary Barometer which is an online tool that measures the emotional salary for a working individual, whether employed or freelance, generating an individual report.

We want to transform the perception of work by supporting individuals and organisations in recognising the importance of emotional salary and its profound impact on organisational performance and employee wellbeing.

What we do

By analysing and developing teams we instil in them a sense of pride through the recognition of everyone‘s unique strengths.  There is no limit to what can be achieved when everyone working in the organisation understands who you are and where you want to go. This creates engagement in the organisation that will make each employee the best and most trusting brand ambassadors.

Cultural Transformation

Culture happens. Whether consciously or not, we create the culture we work in. We help individuals and teams recognise what the existing culture is, identify gaps between espoused culture and reality, and how to work towards aligning these and transforming the organisation into a place where everyone flourishes.

Talent Development

The people working for an organisation are its most valuable assets. For organisations to attract, engage and retain the best talent, continuous learning and development is key. We specialise in creating and implementing customised training and coaching programmes that enhance organisational values and culture.

HR Strategy

We help organisations identify what is and isn´t working in terms of HR Strategy. We work to help identify the real challenge within the broader system, co-creating strategies that help face the future.