About the Brand Ambassador

I love my job, I love my brand

When we planned to create our consulting firm based on our experience in Brands, Training & Development and Brand Engagement, we talked and discussed how necessary it was according to our own experience that brands not only communicate their products, values, image, etc. to the client via magazine ads, tv, YouTube videos, banners, etc., but that all persons working for an organisation should be also the ones that embody the brand just as a brand ambassador does.

What is a Brand Ambassador?

Well, according to the Oxford Dictionary an ambassador is the following:

  1. An accredited diplomat sent by a state as its permanent representative in a foreign country.
  2. A representative or promoter of a specified activity.

Based on these 2 definitions, our definition of a Brand Ambassador is the following:

A person within an organisation that promotes and represents in front of other persons –clients, colleagues, friends- the organisation in which they work and consider themselves representative of the brand.

This definition gives us the understanding that EVERYONE working for an organisation should know the brand’s history, the values it represents, the emotions that the brand desires to convey and the vision that the brand has for its future. And, this knowledge has to be integrated with their own values, making their work something larger and more representative than the work itself.

And who should be a Brand Ambassador? Well, my answer is that every single person that works for the company should be a Brand Ambassador – the board of directors, the personal assistants, the department leaders, the receptionist, the commercial team… in a nutshell, every single person. Everyone is part of and co-create this great entity that is the brand.

But then a friend of mine told me, “then what you are saying is that every person working for a company, dress the same way, talk the same way and sing the company’s anthem every morning before starting to work?” Well, it depends on the brand and its employees. I do remember that when I was working for Levis Strauss, we had to wear our Levis every Friday, which we proudly did. And while working at Montblanc of course even the gatekeeper signed each entrance with a Montblanc (something that impressed every visitor) and of course, I dressed up in black & white –the brand‘s colours- every time I received a group to be trained. Also, while being a visiting scholar at the United Nations we all dreamt of finally having the celestial blue passport because we knew what it represented. Why did I do that? Because I loved being part of the brand. I loved the fact of belonging to an idea larger than myself and I loved to wear that idea internally and externally.

But the same as when each country ambassador has his own stamp within the post he is holding, well, we also think that each person is unique. And especially unique within the organisation she is working. The same as every single leaf from a tree is unique and unrepeatable, the same is with persons and teams and they will put their unique stamp in the work they are doing in the organisation. And it is exactly this uniqueness of each individual which will contribute to the growth and development of the brand she is working with and which will make the brand bigger through time.