History Matters

When any brand catches my attention, my first step is to study the origins of the brand. I can’t help it. It is something that fascinates and transports me to a trip through history, to a moment in time when something brilliant happened. A moment of creation.

I am a strong advocate that when the origins of the brand and its history are well known, the understanding of the development of the brand, its services and products becomes a much easier task. This is especially true when we need to communicate with our internal and external clients and attempt to sell the whys the what fors and the hows.  And the moment we communicate this with our client, we will do it from a language that originates from the brand itself, from its core.

In Live Your Brand talk about „Understanding the Greatness of your Brand“. This means that every single person in the company should know the origins and milestones that made the brand you are working for be where it is now.

We all love a good story well told, don’t we? What are the origins of the brand? What are its main milestones? What were its main challenges? What were the turning points in history for the development of the brand?  What are the symbols that influenced your brand’s visibility? What persons in the organization have been decisive throughout your brand’s history? And no less important, what is YOUR story in the brand?

The origins and history of a brand help us understand its strategy, its products, its services and in most cases the culture that prevails in the organization. This is what is commonly called the brand heritage. The importance of this heritage, influence and history is such that it is necessary to explore and communicate it if we want to understand our brand and where it is heading. As a consequence, it will be much easier to understand designs, norms, behaviours, systems, processes, styles, tones, etc.

This is sometimes ignored or not taken seriously enough by the persons working for a brand. They are not aware that they themselves at this moment in time are also -consciously or unconsciously- making history in this brand and thus, influencing also the brand’s future. Once we understand our brand’s history and the impact it had and still has in our society we will become part of it. And, as a dear friend told me, we will flow in tune with it. We will then become true ambassadors of our brand.