What we do and how we do it

We help leaders define or optimise their corporate culture and align all teams that form part of the organisation to this culture.

We create customised workshops and learning and development programmes which help improve managerial skills, align teams with the corporate vision, make teams more productive and, as a consequence, make the business more profitable.

We connect what the company presents externally with the internal perception of the organisation. We empower people who work in the organisation to really live the values of the organisation.

Our Clients

These are the types of customers where Live Your Brand has a great impact
  • Companies or teams experiencing major changes due to growth, mergers, relocations, restructuring.

  • Companies and teams dealing with HR challenges such as low levels of innovation, high turnover, low attendance, low motivation, low productivity and lack of engagement.

  • Start-ups reaching full maturity, which do not want to lose their corporate culture due to their rapid growth.

  • Medium-sized companies that do not have a personal development or talent management department.

At Live Your Brand we love and understand brands, people and corporate culture

The areas where we have the most impact are:

Commitment of employees

We increase employee motivation, productivity and understanding of corporate culture and commitment to it, thereby increasing performance and participation.


We create the necessary environment for new types of thinking and radical ideas - be they product development, communication or organisational design.

Change management

We increase employee motivation, productivity and understanding of corporate culture and commitment to it, thereby increasing performance and participation.


We improve communication skills in people which contributes to a greater confidence, an increase in effectiveness and an improvement in relations with internal and external clients.

Creation and integration of teams

We improve team performance, productivity and coherence by increasing communication and innovation, connecting brand culture with corporate values.


We develop sales teams to achieve excellence in their work, fulfilling business objectives recognising that their unique attitude contributes significantly to the process of customer loyalty and the company's expansion into new horizons.


We improve performance management, productivity and coherence, adherence to the corporate culture and brand, inspiring excellence and motivation in the teams.


Our Tools

(Our own and what we are certified for)

We don´t use tools for the sake of using tools. We consciously use specific tools to fulfil a certain purpose. We are proud to have not only created our own tools, such as Positive Turn and the Emotional Salary Barometer, but also to be certified in a number of internationally respected tools. The tools we use are participative, creative and innovative, impactful and results-oriented.

Emotional Salary Barometer

The ESB is the first online tool that measures the emotional, non-financial benefits of individuals in the workforce. It measures 10 factors which motivate us, change our perception of work and lead to personal and professional development, together with the relative importance that the individual gives to each of the factors. We are proud that the Barometer has very strong reliability and validity. We are convinced this tool provides the necessary metrics that help organisations shape people strategy.

Positive Turn®

Game created by Live Your Brand®

Positive Turn® is the first tool based on a game incorporating the spirit and knowledge of positive psychology in the corporate sphere. With Positive Turn® our clients experience interactive and engaging workshops that create an exciting and deep learning experience.

Whether it is organizational culture, leadership, feedback, team integration or team development, Positive Turn® will produce learning environments in the workplace.

Recommended by the VIA Institute on Character®

Juego Be-St®

Game created by Live Your Brand®

This is a versatile game based on character strengths. We use it to introduce character strengths in teams, facilitate meaningful conversations, give and receive feedback, develop team knowledge and understand and strengthen organizational culture and team development.

Points of You®

Coaching game | Punctum | Faces

This game features cards, each depicting a photographic image and a topic, inviting us to experience countless points of view, break free from set patterns of thought, and open up new possibilities for expansion and growth.

It is a method that integrates the right hemisphere of the brain where creativity and emotion reside with the left hemisphere responsible for analysis and reason.

It is a powerful, creative and versatile tool that can be used in any training environment.

Lego® Serious Play®

Communicate | Share knowledge | Solve problems | Take decisions

This tool facilitates meetings, communication and problem solving.

Using this methodology we can: design business strategies, unite team members, explore the reality of complex problems, obtain greater commitment from team decisions, have deep and honest dialogues with less conflict and explore the corporate culture, mission and values of the organization.

Scrum Manager®

Agile methodologies

Scrum® is the most simple and efficient framework of principles and practices for the agile development of products and services.

It is a methodology that is based on a shared vision, on agile planning and on a change towards a more collaborative and faster attitude.

We use these principles and practices to lead teams in the agile management of their projects and also to remove the barriers that the teams have in their way to achieve objectives. We also use it to create innovation and ideation workshops.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (“MBTI”)®

MBTI ® is a personality type profiling tool. It reveals how we see and interact with the world and how we make decisions, providing a constructive and flexible framework for understanding individual differences and strengths.

MBTI assessments provide a strong foundation for personal growth and development.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (“NLP”)

NLP is an approach that can be used to improve communication and personal effectiveness through a collection of tools and techniques.

NLP focuses on how we take in, process and store information and how this impacts on our ability to think, make decisions, communicate and behave.

NLP teaches us to use our neurological systems more effectively, focusing more on sensory experience, language and reorganising our internal ´programming´ in order to achieve the outcomes that we want.

Barret Values Center: Cultural Transformation Tools®

Leaders measure performance and results as they are tangible and relatively easy to measure. Below the surface are our values and beliefs - the components of a culture which determines success in organizations.

This is a very detailed and easy to understand tool that allows us to measure and manage the organizational culture. What we can measure, we can manage.


Coaching is based on two essential motivating factors: self-improvement and self-realization. It is the art of facilitating the potential development of people to achieve coherent objectives and in-depth changes. In this process, the coach helps people clarify what their goals are and how to achieve them. Systemic or team coaching helps teams reveal their relationships, which behaviours are effective and which are not.

We use several different coaching methodologies including Co-Active Coaching™, Systemic Co-active Coaching